2 thoughts on “What Readers Are Saying

  1. My marriage has not been sexuality active for two years. I am 76 & wife is 73. I have no trouble getting erections. Wife says intercourse is painful and bleeding occurs. Tried lubs but did not help much. She has not seen a doctor.
    She is much happier not having sex . She does not like discussing the issue
    I have a lady friend that I confide in. There is no sex involved with her
    I hate to end a 53 yr. Marriage. That’s what considering.

    Would like k e comments. Thank you.

  2. Rather than reshape marriage, how about choosing not to marry and choose to write about open relationships? When you have a wedding and say those sacred vows before God, you take on a completely different commitment than you do if you just continue to court. Everything Godly is becoming sacrificial. I respect the sanctity of marriage and disagree with the views of this book.

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