How ‘The New I Do’ came to be

We were lucky to be interviewed by Jessica Stepleton Stern, who runs the wonderful website, which she calls “an authentic look at the many faces of sisterhood: mentors & friends.”


Read what Susan has to say about marrying later in life, helping people through divorce and other life transitions, and her idea of living a graceful life here.

Read what Vicki has to say about how she became a journalist, overcoming her greatest life obstacle, and how to face Valentine’s Day and other holidays as a divorced person here.

We are also fortunate to be featured on Maggie Reye’s wonderful Modern Married website; read the interview here.

modern_marriedAnd, Maggie is offering readers a chance to win a free copy of The New I Do: Reshaping Marriage for Skeptics, Realists and Rebels. To win a free copy of the book, name one word to describe your marriage. For example, in the book they mention a “parenting marriage” a “companionship” marriage, a “safety” marriage, etc. Choose a word to describe your marriage and enter it in the comments here. Entries will be accepted until midnight Eastern Time Feb. 27. The lucky winner will be notified by email. U.S. entries only.

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