Is it OK for a woman to want to be provided for?



Is it OK for a woman to want to have a man take care of her?

Yes, writes Ginger at her popular blog Girls Just Want to Have Funds:

“I mean, I don’t need him to be rich or anything, I just need for him to be making enough to provide for me some day, you know?” – seen at

If you’ve read some of the more contentious articles here, then you know there was a time when I drew a hard line when it came to women who decided to opt out either because they wanted to, can or have to do so.  The reasons for opting out range from wanting to spend more time with their families, be more hands on with the kids, pursue vocational interests – or whatever their hearts can justify at the time making a career pointless.  Thus, you have women who have chosen en-masse, to opt out.

And It’s OK.

Here’s the thing. We really are too hard and judgmental as it relates to picking apart the choices that another woman makes for her life.  Don’t get me wrong, I am no advocate of flying by the seat of your pants unless it’s a calculated risk, but I don’t support bashing a woman for wanting a lifestyle that works entirely for her and the family she supports and/or raises. The mommy wars (Stay at Home vs Working Moms debate) that has spanned the women’s movement must stop and here’s why:

Read more of what she has to say here, and then tell us — do you agree?

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